Support Coordination

The support coordination aims to improve your capacity to manage your own services and guide them. It’s intended to assist you in navigating the NDIS, learning more about it, and comprehending it. Our attentive quality care support coordination can assist you define what you want, to take charge, to make decisions, and to manage the supports and services provided by NDIS.

Our Support Coordinators are specialists to assist you understand, activate, and better suit your plans, and locate service providers and goods. Our support coordinators will work with clients who need more support and help in implementing their NDIS plan.

We want to help you organise and execute the following support services, as specified in your NDIS Plan:

Support Connection

Time-limited help to enhance your capacity of coordinating aid and community participation.

Coordination of Support

Help co-ordination to enhance your capacity to organise support and include individuals with complex needs in the community.

Life-Transition Planning

Support for meetings, shopping, bills for payment, participation in social events and maintenance of contacts with others.